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Tufesa started its operations in the state of Sonora on November 7th, 1993. By then, it had only 16 buses and offered services to the cities of Obregón, Hermosillo, Navojoa and Nogales. Today, it is considered one of the most prominent passengers' transport companies in Mexico.

The technology and services provided by this bus line converted it to the top choice of thousands of people who choose to travel by road in Mexico. Moreover, Tufesa offers a fast and reliable service of shipping and package delivery to Mexico, the USA and other parts of the world.


With Tufesa bus line you can travel to the main destinations in Mexico. This service provides regular departures to major cities in the northwest of the country: Culiacán, Guadalajara, Mexicali, Tijuana, Mazatlán, Tepic, Hermosillo, Los Mochis, among others.

Tufesa has its own station in Hermosillo. This city acts as a key hub for passengers traveling to several destinations across the country, as well as to some international routes, mainly located in the south of the United States. This array of services makes this bus line excel in quality and enjoy international recognition.

Tufesa also provides regular discounts to students and teachers during the school holiday season and other permanent ones to children (please check the age limit) and senior adults. If you would like to know more about the routes, prices, and timetable of Tufesa - one of the most important bus operators in Mexico - visit our ClickBus website or call us at 01 800 681 1604. We will be happy to assist you.

Bus fleet

First Class: Provides a standard service using spacious and comfortable buses. The list of amenities includes Wi-Fi on board, toilet facilities and an extended departure timetable to suit any travelers’ need.

High Class: This is a world-class service that offers its passengers two choices of routes - express and semi-express rides- to better suit their needs. There are several departing times and buses include reclining seats and an audiovisual entertainment system.

Platinum: This service brings passengers to a superior level of comfort and quality, offering the best amenities available. With only 24 seats, travelers can profit from the extra space and more legroom.

Airport Service: Tufesa offers several connections from Hermosillo airport to some of the cities served by its routes.

Tufesa Mexico

Type of seats

  • Plus

    Approximately 32 seats, standard, reclining, with air conditioner.

  • Ejecutivo

    Semi-sleeper. Almost-fully reclining seats, with more legroom and comfort to passengers. Three seats per row, arranged as one single and two double places.

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