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ADO Airport is one of the services offered by ADO, a leading transport company in Mexico. This bus line makes possible for passengers to travel from several cities in the country directly to the Mexico City International Airport.

ADO has a ticket counter inside the airport, located on the ground floor. Passengers may purchase tickets for the following services: ADO Platino, ADO GI and Estrella de Oro.

Bus fleet

The coaches that operate from the airport are equipped with several services to allow passengers to enjoy an exclusive trip with a touch of class.

Buses have an air conditioner, toilet facilities dedicated for men and women, onboard cafeteria and flat screen televisions displaying our entertainment program.


ADO Airport routes include Veracruz, Puebla, Morelos, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Hidalgo, State of Mexico and different stops within Mexico City.

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ADO Airport in Mexico

Type of Seats

  • Executive

    40 semi-sleeper reclining seats, with an ergonomic design and additional legroom that grants extra comfort and helps to rest. This service also provides individual reading lights and a new set of earplugs.

  • Luxury

    25 sleeper fully reclining seats, ergonomically designed to bring an unprecedented level of comfortable to help you relax. Each row has single and double seats at each side, arranged to add more space. This service also provides individual reading lights and an entertainment system. Upon boarding, passengers receive a relaxing kit, which includes a blanket and a pillow, as well as a refreshment drink.