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Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza, 200

Colonia 10 de mayo
Mexico City, DF

Zip Code: 15390


55420400, 55229381, 55229350

General Information

The Terminal de Autobuses de Pasajeros de Oriente (Eastern Bus Station), is better known by its acronym - TAPO - and is one of the four bus terminals in Mexico City. Coaches depart from this central hub towards the Southeast region and the Gulf area.

Es la principal sede de la línea de autobuses ADO, donde opera en conjunto con sus autolíneas hermanas: ADO Gl, ADO Platino, OCC, AU, Estrella de Oro y algunas más como Flecha Roja y ATAH.

This terminal is the headquarter of ADO bus company, which operates together with its affiliated branches: ADO GI, ADO Platino, OCC, AU, Estrella de Oro and some others, namely Flecha Roja and ATAH.

It is considered one of the 20 largest bus stations in the world and started to operate in 1979. The large dome, built by the architect Juan José Díaz Infante Núñez, is one of the main features of the station, catching the admiration of locals and foreigners.

Did you know.... before the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation assigned all bus operations to only four terminals in Mexico City more than 120 stations coexisted in the city? Before this decision, each bus company had its own station. Now it is easier to travel and arrive at your destination!



Terminal TAPO was designed to help people with reduced mobility, as it is equipped with ramps, staircases and wide corridors. The waiting rooms and main services and shops are concentrated at the heart of the station.


For travelers’ convenience, several ATMs are located at TAPO Station. For information about a specific bank operation, you may call 55420400.


TAPO Terminal parking facility is designed for 150 vehicles.


The information desk and the bus tickets offices are located in the central area of the station. Three Customer Services numbers are available to assess all passengers' needs and respond to all queries: 55420400, 55229381 and 55229350.


TAPO station provides several men and women toilets in different locations of its facility. Restrooms are fully accessible with toilet stalls for individuals with disabilities.

Taxi and Transport

Inside the station, you may find an authorized taxi service. The station is also connected to the Mexico City Metro line B, and 1 and travelers can catch Metrobus line 4 at the San Lázaro station. You may also book a private driver service with Cabify, an exclusive offer to all ClickBus' customers.

Bus Lines in Tapo Bus Station