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Venustiano Carranza,
Mexico City
inside the International
Airport CDMX


(55) 2643 7241
(217) 71 70 900
(228) 842 2513

General Information

ADO Airport is one of the services provided by ADO, a leading bus carrier in Mexico. With ADO Airport, passengers can easily ride from several destinations in the country directly to the International Airport of Mexico City, arriving at the Terminal 1. Some of the states that benefit from this service are Veracruz, Puebla, Morelos, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Hidalgo, Mexico State. The bus also makes some stops at Mexico City. If you wish to know where a certain station is located, please contact the company using the numbers provided above.

Inside the Airport you will find an ADO ticket office at the ground floor. The bus lines that offer this service are ADO Platino, ADO GI, and Estrella de Oro.

Passengers may board or leave the buses at the designated parking spaces within the Terminal 1. Coaches also stop at Gate 3 and 4 (in front of Hotel Camino Real) and Gates 7 and 8. You may also find the services of the companies Futura, Pullman, Primera Plus and Caminante, with their elegant and exclusives waiting rooms.


Heading towards the company ticket office, you may find all kinds of services provided by the Airport, including food courts, stores, paid phones and medical service.


The Airport provides all the facility to help people with impaired movement to arrive, board or displace comfortably. During peak seasons, users should be extra careful as hallways usually get more crowded with an increasing number of passengers.


Inside the Airport travelers can find currency exchange services and several ATMs that provide services for the primary banks: Banamex, Bancomer, Scotiabank, among others.


Terminal 1 and 2 have parking spaces available.


Several information desks are available throughout the airport.


The International Airport of Mexico City provides toilets for men and women in different locations of its facility. Restrooms are fully accessible with toilet stalls for individuals with disabilities.

Taxi and Transport

Inside the station, you may find an authorized taxi service. The station is also connected to the Mexico City Metro line 5 and Metrobus line 4, which serves both terminals 1 and 2. Car rental services are available, or you may book a private driver service with Cabify, an exclusive offer to all ClickBus' customers.