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El Expreso Bus Company was launched in Houston, Texas in 1989. It operates in Mexico, as well as in several cities in the United States. The company strives to provide the best service available to its passengers, leading it to be considered one of the best bus lines in the United States.

El Expreso is a profitable and efficient company. Its staff always shows a positive stance to make its passengers’ trip more comfort while the carrier checks on their safety and provide a reliable service.

Remember to get your documents in order when crossing the United States-Mexico border.

Plan your next trip to the United States or anywhere within Mexico. Book your tickets online on our website or call ClickBus at 01 800 681 1604. Safety and convenience always come first!


Our extensive route network stretches from Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Alabama and Texas. With headquarters in Houston Texas, El Expreso features excellent service with more frequencies than any other carrier to some of the preferred Texas border cities like Laredo, Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, Brownsville, Reynosa, Roma, McAllen and more.

El Expreso partners with Mexico's elite coach companies like Grupo Estrella Blanca, ADO and other companies for great service to all destinations in Mexico.

Bus Fleet

El Expreso buses are equipped with cutting-edge technology. Its fleet offers safety devices in each unit and fire extinguish below the first passenger’s seat and above the first overhead compartment.

Buses include TV screens, Wi-Fi, toilets, seat belts, emergency exits and air conditioner. Make sure to take all your belongings before leaving the bus!

Type of seats

  • First class

    Approximately 48 reclining seats distributed in two double seats per row, covered with fabric upholstery and foot rests. They are ergonomically designed for people wishing to enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.