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Please read the following contract carefully before proceeding to use our website or digital platforms. By navigating or using our website and digital platforms, you (the "Customer," "User") acknowledge and agree to the content, terms and conditions set forth, and shall comply with these provisions hereby mentioned.

Moreover, ClickBus reserves the rights to update or change any provision included in this Privacy Policy without further notice. We recommend that users check back and review this Privacy Policy periodically upon returning to our website.  

If you do not abide by and comply with these terms, you are advised not to continue browsing or using this website.


Complying with the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, CLICKBUS SERVICES, S. de R.L de C.V. (from now on referred as "ClickBus," "We," "us") informs that is responsible for personal data submitted by our users while using the ClickBus website or digital platform.  

The "Customer" may contact ClickBus at any instance via our e-mail or by post to Guanajuato 224, int. 303, Col. Roma Norte, C.P. 06700, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City. Our telephone number is (55) 5350 8737.

We protect and safeguard your personal information to avoid damage, loss, destruction, theft, misplacement, or alteration, as well as any unauthorized use of your personal data.


The information provided by and through this Service shall be accurate and complete. Users take full responsibility for the data provided and, in no case, ClickBus shall be responsible or liable for the accuracy of the same.

The website requests the following information: Full name; telephone; address; e-mail; credit card information and identification number (IFE, Passport, INSEN, military service card, professional identification, etc). All personal data will be treated and processed based on the principles of legality, consent, Information, quality, purpose, loyalty, proportionality, and accountability, as set forth in applicable law.


Users under 18 years old may proceed with their registration only if they possess legal parental or guardian consent. Be advised that parents and legal representatives of children under 18 shall be liable for any unlawful act practiced by their children while using our website.


ClickBus asks parents and legal guardians to help to protect the privacy of your children or the ones under their responsibility, instructing them not to post personal information to this website or any other page without prior consent.

If you are under 18, you shall confirm that you have read this policy with your parents or guardians and that they comply with the content explained herein. Every person under 18 years of age must have a prior consent of their guardians before submitting their e-mail addresses or any type of information via this page.

ClickBus recommends Users to print this policy and read it.


To protect your data, ClickBus is equipped with the primary security systems:

  • Comodo SSL Certificate (a global leader company in cyber security solutions). This certificate protects the personal data, ensuring that email addresses, credit card information and order history may never be disclosed.



ClickBus is concerned about the privacy and security of data transmission. As one of its users, we recognize that the Internet is a global network of computers, allowing access to all kinds of people. This dynamic environment, however, has its flaws and is not 100% safe. To protect the information collected, ClickBus provides technical resources to avoid any risk related to the use of the Internet. Also, to enhance the security of the page, ClickBus highlights that the following actions can suspend the relationship between the User and ClickBus. These activities include actions aimed to promote illegal purposes; information or data corruption; violation of intellectual rights or copyright; sending messages that include threats, racist or pornographic content; interference with or disruption of the services provided by our website; or any attempt to spread viruses or unwanted programs.


ClickBus does not sell, rent or transfer to third parties personal data of its clients without prior written authorization. The information can be grouped or used internally for general statistical purposes to garn a better understanding of our customers’ database and improve products and services offered on our website.

ClickBus does not oblige users to disclose any personal data. Our promotional campaigns may require users to reveal some additional information about themselves. Participation is entirely voluntary, and users may choose whether or not they want to sign up. ClickBus will not collect or maintain data on the website from children under the age of 18 without prior parental or legal representatives consent. Parents and representatives will be held responsible for all acts performed by their children while using this page.

User agrees to provide accurate information and recognizes that ClickBus has no obligation to verify the data submitted by the user or a third party. In this way, the user agrees that the accountability for the personal information sent corresponds to the person who posted it or to the parents and legal representatives. ClickBus shall not be held liable for the use of this content.


ClickBus sends electronic newsletters on a regular basis to users who have consented to subscribe to our mailing list. Customers have a choice to opt out from this service at any moment. ClickBus is against sending any unsolicited messages without prior permission (SPAM). During the sign-up process, users can choose whether they want to receive emails notifications about our services and special deals.


The information included on this page is property to ClickBus and cannot be altered, copied or used in any way without the prior written authorization from the company. Thus, when registering on our website ( users must be aware that any misuse of this information may result in criminal penalties.

User agrees not to use the services of this website for any business or activity prohibited by the law or request any business or illegal activity to be conducted. ClickBus reserves the right to prohibit any behavior, communication and content that: it deems inappropriate; violates any applicable laws; harms users, companies or third parties registered to our website; go against the rights of the company or third parties.

What are cookies and how are they used?

Acceptance of cookies is not a requirement to visit our page. However, we would like to point out that some functionalities on ClickBus website, such as the “shopping cart” and “order history”, can only work properly when cookies are active. Cookies are text files that are automatically downloaded and stored on the computer’s hard drive while browsing a specific web page. This action allows our server to recall some facts about the user, saving you time when you return to our page. ClickBus only uses cookies for your convenience. For example, cookies allow us to remember who you are when you return to our shopping cart, eliminating the need to reinsert your username and password. It is not designed for any other mean, such as collecting personal information used for segmented marketing. If your browser/computer settings do not accept cookies to be installed, it might restrict the performance of our page. We kindly ask you to accept our guarantee that our use of cookies does not contain any personal or private data nor virus. If you wish to have more information about cookies, please visit If you want to remove cookies from your browser, go to: To learn more about how to manage cookies, look for the “help” button found in the toolbar in the majority of browsers. It will show how to avoid new cookies, notification settings for every cookie received or how to disable all cookies.

Bear in mind that your personal data is registered automatically at and this storage process does not include any human interaction.


The requested information allows ClickBus to contact users and potential customers when needed for them to complete their purchase order. ClickBus also uses the information available to: • Provide an efficient service. •   Inform about new products and services related to the ones already purchased or hired by the customer. •  Comply with our obligations to our customers. • Report changes in our products or services • Provide better customers' assistance. The personal or business data provided by the user will be stored as a profile file. The user can modify this profile at any time using his/her username and password.



ClickBus sends on regular basis email messages with promotions, special deals, and services. Only ClickBus has access to the personal information users entrusted to the company, and this type of data helps us send interest-based ads to those who have to subscribe to this service. These electronic messages may also occasionally include offers from our business partners. If you no longer wish to subscribe to this service you may send an e-mail to


The area responsible for the management and administration of personal data is: Customers Services. It may be reached via the e-mail or telephone (55) 5350 8737.


The “User” is the rights holder of his/her personal data and may exercise the ARCO rights (Access, Cancelation, Rectification and Objection), as well as revoke the consent granted to ClickBus to handle your personal data at any time. This request needs to be forwarded to our Customers Service area via This petition must include: (a) Information on the rights holder: full name and address or other means to notify you of a reply to your request; (b) documents that prove your identity or legal representation (when applicable); (c) a clear description and accurate personal data for which is requested to exercise any of the ARCO rights; (d) expressly stated to revoke its consent to the processing of personal data and, therefore, to prevent use; (e) Any other comments that may help us in better assisting you to locate your personal data.

Your petition must include a description of why you request to revoke your consent and an official identification of the holder or his/her legal representative. We will inform you of the decision that has been made within a period of no more than twenty (20) working days. The response will be sent via e-mail to the address from which the sender forwarded the request. ClickBus prompts users to update their data each time they undergo some modification, as this will allow us to provide an efficient and personalized service.


ClickBus only channels the information to ensure the fulfillment and the compliance of the commitments established with our clients. ClickBus will only share your personal data when required by law or by a subpoena.


When purchasing a service online, we will ask for your bank details. We pledge to provide security and confidentiality of the data requested and, to do so, we maintain our secure server under the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer), ensuring that the information sent is encrypted and protected. To verify that you are in a safe environment, make sure you see an “S” in the navigation bar “httpS “://.  While we constantly add more security tools, no method of transmission over the Internet can guarantee that the data is 100% safe. Once we receive this information, though, we take all the possible measures to safeguard this information.


We reserve the right to make modifications or update this Privacy Policy at any time, to comply with new legislative or case-law, legal internal policies, new requirements for providing or offering our services or products and market practices. These changes will be available to the public via our website, at the Privacy Policy section.


This Privacy Policy is subjected to the terms and conditions of the ClickBus website aforementioned, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and ClickBus. If the user proceeds to use the services provided by the ClickBus site, it means that he /she has read, understood and agreed to the terms outlined above.


If any user believes his/her rights have been violated regarding the protection of personal data, he/she have the right to take the matter to the appropriate authority to defend his/her exercise. The authority is the Federal Institute of Access to Information and Data Protection (IFAI), their website is:


The right to rectify is reserved to customers who wish to amend any wrong or incomplete information sent to ClickBus. However, this petition does not replace the right of the company to deny customers their participation or activities carried out on this page. This decision depends on the sole discretion of the company. ClickBus may also demand any type of compensation in the event that this incorrect information may cause damages to the company or third parties.

The information requested to users  - including, name, email, telephone, address - is collected to fulfill with the legal determinations properly. Any registration of these data will include the name of the parents or legal guardians if a user is under 18 years of age.

Data will be collected via the sign-in form used by costumers at the first time they purchase tickets on the ClickBus website and also when they choose to participate in any of our promotional campaigns.

Children under 18 years of age can only receive prizes provided by ClickBus after their parents or legal guardians are notified. Prizes should be collected by parents or legal guardians on their children’s behalf.

The customer states, acknowledges and agrees that a) the complex and changing nature of the Internet does not allow to create error-free software; therefore ClickBus cannot guarantee or give warranties that the website will perform uninterrupted or flawless. b) The website’s development responds to the general needs of our users and ClickBus cannot ensure to meet particular demands. c) The Internet is a worldwide computer network where anyone can connect freely, which compromises the communication safety. Once users log into the Internet, ClickBus shall not be liable for any damage incurred, including those arising from and/or in connection with the disclosure of information to third parties or the loss of data used direct or indirectly on the network.

The Costumers agrees that ClickBus is not liable for any damage related to the misuse of the website, to the user or any other person who results involved in any accident, modification or condition not controlled by ClickBus.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the elements that constitute the Website (including without limitation text, images, layout, design, pictures, graphic, logos, icons, brands, manuals) and other proprietary materials published on its page are the intellectual properties owned by us, which are protected by copyright laws and/or other intellectual property laws - by applicable national and international legislation. Customers shall abstain to claim the ownership and property rights of these elements.

Any content from our website shall be construed as transferring of rights. Users shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, display, create derivative works from our page or its material or use it in any other mean different than learning more about its products and services or participating in the promotions held by ClickBus.

Due to the user's protections rights, ClickBus is not allowed to accept or consider any unsolicited ideas or suggestions related to a product, service or any work plan, except when they are requested and under a strict agreement hold by the company. In this case, the user states, acknowledges and agrees that any transmission of ideas can be used by third parties, including by the ClickBus company, to develop or create products without granting the user a reward.

If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid, by declaring it void or null it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions, terms, and dispositions of this Agreement, all of which shall remain in full force and effect.  The tolerance of ClickBus in relation to any breach regarding this Private Policy or omission of any right granted by the same shall be dismissed in case of a future breach or future exercise of the right expressed herein.

These terms and conditions shall be interpreted according to the applicable Mexican legislation.

ClickBus grants its approval to have users browsing on your website and notifies about its terms and conditions, especially those requiring authorization to allow children under 18 years of age to navigate and publish their personal data safely on the web.

The User, parent or legal representative, as the case may be, acknowledge that you have read, analyzed and accepted fully the conditions outlined, pledging to fully comply with the terms herein.

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