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About RedCoach

RedCoach U.S.A belongs to Grupo Plaza, a transportation company with more than 50 years of experience and leader in South America. Today the company has expanded its operation in the continent and in May 2010 began offering its services in Florida, launching RedCoach U.S.A.

RedCoach revamped the bus market in Florida by introducing a new segment with its luxury bus services. This launch has set the company apart by establishing a new level of comfort and service to its users. It offers a convenient and quality alternative while keeping it affordable to travel within the state of Florida.

Workshops strategically located around Florida allow the company to comply with rigorous maintenance standards of its vehicles in each destination.

Since its launch, RedCoach has transported more than half a million passengers throughout Florida, and it continues to add new routes to fulfill its mission of connecting the state.


The mission of RedCoach centers in connecting the entire state of Florida. Today, its network reaches the cities of Miami, Tallahassee, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Pierce, Ocala, Gainesville, Naples, West Palm Beach.

In Miami and Orlando, RedCoach offers a connection service that allows passengers to book a shuttle to the Miami International Airport or their hotels in Miami, Orlando (in Disney, Universal, International Drive and Kissimmee area), among other destinations.

Bus fleet

RedCoach’s fleet is equipped with the latest technology, adding comfort and safety to its clients. Buses feature DVD, flat screens, Wi-Fi, power outlets, and toilets.

Buses keep a permanent contact with the RedCoach headquarter in Orlando, which monitors the vehicles continuously to add more safety to the journey.

RedCoach Routes

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Type of seats

  • Business

    38 reclining seats, distributed into two double seats per row, with leather upholstery and footrest, ergonomically design to ensure a pleasant resting time to those who choose to travel in a sophisticated, yet, affordable way.

  • First Class

    27 semi-sleeper seats (recline up to 140 degrees), distributed into one single and two double seats per row. Covered with leather, the seats have a friendly ergonomic design that allows passengers to rest while traveling safely and comfortably.