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About ADO GL

ADO GI started to operate on March 1992, with a unique concept, focusing on proving a deluxe service to differentiate itself from the standard service offered by ADO.

In this way, ADO GI comes to strengthen the transport market, providing the most exclusive and luxury bus service to passengers.

When it first started, ADO GI operated with 40 Mercedes Benz vehicles, serving the route Mexico City to Veracruz. Currently, due to the high demand of passengers, the company extended its routes and broadened its fleet to continue to be the top choice of our passengers.


ADO GI services reach more than 50 destinations, located in the southeast of the country and the Gulf of Mexico. It is main stops are Campeche, Tuxtla, Mérida, Cancún, Palenque, Tapachula, Villahermosa, among other cities.

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Bus fleet

From the beginning until today, ADO GI makes sure to offer vehicles equipped with the best services available to make its passengers' journey enjoyable and classy. The buses have air conditioner, two toilets – one for men and another for women -, onboard cafeteria and flat TV screens featuring movies.

ADO GL en Mexico

Type of seats

  • Executive

    40 semi-sleeper seats. Its ergonomic design allows passengers to rest better and enjoy the extra legroom. Travelers may also find individual reading lights and free earplugs.

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